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BfG – Stages Two & Three

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After the digital stage of BREAKING for GOLD (BfG) had made history, the next two stages of qualifying brought back the traditional one-versus-one battle format.

BfG Continental Qualifiers were held in Philadelphia (USA), Essen (GER) and Taipei City (TPE). Between the three, they produced the 58 b-boys and 29 b-girls from 34 countries who got to contest the final stage: the 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Kawasaki, JPN. The standings of these championships identified the 24 athletes competing in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (BAYOG).

Aside from video news releases and vignettes throughout the entire qualification process, SAI produced a 56-minute international highlight of the Youth World Breaking Championships jointly with the host broadcaster J Sports. It was distributed as part of the WDSF Series Best of DanceSport 2018.

The primary objectives were to broaden the series’ appeal further and to signal to the audiences as well as the broadcasters that DanceSport would feature in the upcoming BAYOG. The costs for this BfG production were to be kept to minima while the high standards had to be maintained.

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