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"You just don't leave anything to chance ...," is the first line of dialogue spoken in a short and emotional video that was produced in 2015 as part of the World DanceSport Federation’s (WDSF) bid to have DanceSport included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately, and as did 18 of the altogether 26 sports bidding at the time, it fell short of making the cut and getting onto the program.

The "Hurray! Hurray! Video Contest" was commissioned early 2017 by the Cabinet Secretariat Headquarters of the Japanese government for the promotion of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Acting on the advice of the Japan DanceSport Federation, WDSF decided to enter its bid video into the contest. Changing the final sequence from an ambitious "Let's be in the Olympics!" to an equally assertive "Let's dance! In Tokyo 2020" gave the video a new and optimistic perspective. On 7 November 2017 WDSF received notification that “Let’s dance!” had won the Excellence Award in the Creative Video category.

A longer campaign video was produced to present the factual side of WDSF’s bid to the Tokyo Organizing Committee for inclusion of two DanceSport events into the 2020 Olympic Games. It was intended as a visual reinforcement to the extensive written information presented in the bid file.


Let’s Dance! In Tokyo 2020

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