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Bucket List Marketing

It has turned into an effective marketing technique in the modern Anglo-Saxon culture, and skydiving is frequently pitched that way. The 2007 movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman made the "bucket list" concept an international one: things to do before you die. It doesn't translate well into other languages, the notion of someone "kicking the bucket" is unique to English.

The Bucket List © Warner

Before you kick the bucket ... Bevor du den Löffel abgibst ... Vor em Flügeli Fasse ... Antes de estirar la pata ... Avant de manger les pissenlits par la racine ... Abans de fer l'anec ...

Is it all marketing talk? Don't wait forever! Definitely don’t wait until life passes you by and it’s too late. Start today! Write down all the things you want to do. Dream big!

As almost everybody alive seems to dream of flying, it is one of the things that gets written down first. And as a majority appears to be dreaming of flying their own body rather than an aircraft, skydiving becomes one of the most popular options.

TTDB4YD! Things to do before you die! IB4YD, which is "the most inspiring Irish travel website" and self-proclaimed as such, lists the five best places to skydive in Ireland under the URL www.irelandbeforeyoudie .com

Richard Branson's experience day company, trading as VIRGIN too, offers a choice of "8 Bucket List Ideas for 2019" and 13 different options for people with the idea of throwing themselves out of a plane.

The offer is downright confusing. It includes skydiving indoors as well as outdoors, with the endorsement of Bear Grylls (the SAS serviceman turned TV personality) and without, plus an array of other options. Bucket list marketing at its most complete!


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