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I have just launched my first crowdfunding campaign and I have set an ambitious target for it. 10,000 € is the minimum deficit that is incurred after the bold decision was taken to refrain from charging a registration fee from the participants in Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit.

HelpUsMakeTheSummit is a fundraising drive to help the organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) balance their budget, which is in the mid-five-digit range, after they have decided not to levy any registration fees from the participants. If you participate in the summit, or watch the webcast sessions, and if you like what it offers in terms of information and output, why not make a donation through GoFundMe?

Substantial funds have been pledged by three private companies - Support Air International is one of them - as well as by three public institutions and organizations. Renouncing to levy any fees from either in-person or online participants will boost the global summit audience. But it will result in a deficit in the range of the HelpUsMakeTheSummit target amount.

Other fundraising efforts run parallel to the donate-as-you-wish campaign. If more sponsorships are secured between now and the start of the  summit, and if the ISGS budget is balanced, all funds accrued through GoFundMe will be invested in the continued development of indoor skydiving as per specific instructions defined by the summit participants.

HelpUsMakeTheSummit Roland Hilfiker, ISGS Organizer and Moderator


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