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Inspiration Over Regulation

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Inspiration Over Regulation

REDTORCH's James Fazackerley dispenses solid advice to Olympic sports: they should make the most out of Tokyo 2020. He recommends that their federations start "prioritizing inspiration over regulation." Why? "To strengthen the sport in the long run!" Read the full article here! And there is another reason, too.

If IFs and NFs should fail to do so, there are others who will gladly step in and take over the inspirational part. Take three of the new sports on the program for 2020: climbing, skateboarding, surfing. Then have a look at the line-up of top athletes – climbers, riders and surfers – that an Austrian energy drink assembles under its brand. Many of them will be Olympians next year, likely inspiring millions to consider that one product capable to give the consumer wings.

It worked to perfection with Shaun White, USA, the “Flying Tomato” snowboarder who won back-to-back gold in Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010.

Not too many associated his exploits with the International Ski Federation FIS or even with snowboarding itself, but everybody knew who had financed Shaun’s very own halfpipe high up in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Inspiration!

Breaking will feature in the Paris 2024 Olympics – in all likelihood. The same Austrian energy drink has legions of b-boys and b-girls dancing under its RB BC One brand already. That’s even more inspiration!

In any case, if a federation should look for inspiration to create quality inspirational content on its athletes, the brand’s website is probably the best place to start.

08/08/2018 by Roland Hilfiker


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