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Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit is history. Another gap is closed in Support Air International's experiential history of 25+ years. We had never organized and delivered a congress, conference or summit. Ever! This was our premiere. However, we had attended an average of three per year and kept our eyes wide open - every time. Plus we were able to sign up the best moderator in the world of sports conferences: Jay Stuart.

We can safely state here that Indoor Skydiving 2020 was an unqualified success. As we're evaluating the impact that we had on the media, we came across a nicely done piece by TV3. With the summit being a rather dry subject matter for the cameras, an effort had to be made to visually enhance it. Who better than Chloë to lead into the newscast.

We will publish much more post-summit information over the coming days!


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