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From early 2018 and under the label of YOUR BRAND HERE (YBH), the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) started to make a limited number of opportunities available for the dance industry to associate its brands and products with the audiovisual productions generated in-house by the WDSF Communications team.

WDSF is the recognized world leader in producing moving pictures of DanceSport and of distributing them to massive online audiences on three different streaming platforms: DanceSport Total on YouTube, DanceSport Total Plus on Vimeo and, as of 2018, DanceSport Total – DST at

The manufacturers of apparel, shoes, accessories, make-up, etc. were offered to have their brands exposed by inserting 5-second bumpers and 30-second commercials into the streaming content coming out of the premier WDSF events: World and European Championships, GrandSlams, PD Super GrandPrix.


Your Brand Here

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