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We make sporting exploits into compelling stories. We are present in the moments of victory and of defeat. And we try to make them as big as life itself.

We can assist you in raising the profile of your sport* too. Taking integrated communications strategies from definition to implementation, we at Support Air International provide the full range of branding, publishing, production and other services to different sports — from the mainstream to the extreme.

Our clients are governing bodies, event owners, athletes and other stakeholders in sports. Through the hands-on support we provide in all areas of communications and public relations, we add value to their property.

Tectonic shifts in the media landscape have only recently made campaigning affordable and sustainable for the limited budgets too. What should also help: we are true experts in creating the biggest bang for your buck.

* Organization, event or any other property associated with your sport

Breaking by Ian Walton OIS / IOC

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