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We admire those who play hard. Their games are our inspiration. And we do our best to catch their spirit and to share their passion.

Sport is all about passion. Making a sport popular is transmitting its passion on to others. Regardless whether they start to practice it themselves or only take an interest as fans, they become valuable members of the community.

The bigger this community, the bigger the sport’s societal relevance. And the more likely that some of those mechanisms which make the highest-profile sports so irresistible for the public, the media and the sponsors come into play. Sporting passion is found everywhere: in the niches and at the fringes as much as on a Premier League football pitch.

We have assisted many organizations, upwards from 40 different sports and hundreds of events in the effort to raise their profile. What makes us stand out: we bring our own passion to the assignment.

Rugby Sevens By Firo/IWGA

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