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After SAI had submitted an elaborate proposal to the curators and the director of the The Olympic Museum (TOM) in Lausanne, SUI, the International World Games Association (IWGA) and the Kaohsiung Organizing Committee (KOC) were given the opportunity to stage a temporary exhibition on the museum premises. Under the title “Top Sports | High Spirits,” the slogan which SAI had created for The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TWG 2009, the exhibition focused on the thousands of athletes competing in the 30+ sports during the games’ eighth edition.

By staging this exhibition prior to and during the games, IWGA and KOC were able to promote their athletes and the sports to the museum visitors, and to signal to the world that the games are embedded in the Olympic Movement – with maximum topicality.

A media event in Lausanne was scheduled on the third day of the exhibition. Five athletes who had qualified to compete in 2009 Kaohsiung provided the visitors and the media representatives with insights into their sports. The #1 in the world rankings of Acrobatic Rock ‘n’ Roll (DanceSport) and in Freeflying (Air Sports) demonstrated their disciplines, gave interviews and signed autographs.


Top Sports | High Spirits

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