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FloDance: The world best dancers captured in action by the experts in producing DanceSport for the screen! FloSports: Watch over 10,000 hours live competitions in 20+ sports!

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) soft-launched its proprietary streaming platform DanceSport Total – DST in February 2018. But this did not preclude WDSF from continuing to seek the collaboration of established Over-The-Top (OTT) specialists with their own client base and with savvy in two key areas. The subscription-based formula and the frequent live streams were expected to make the marketing and the servicing of the new OTT product far more challenging than did the post-event distribution of highlights. That was done as time-limited rentals through the turnkey on-demand function of Vimeo.

SAI identified FloSports, a U.S.-based operator of an OTT network covering over 20 different sports, as a suitable partner for WDSF. An exclusive licensing agreement with FloSports was negotiated over the course of six months, with much emphasis put on ensuring that DanceSport and DanceSport Total – DST were preserved as prominent brands attached to the 30 live productions per year and for the 100+ on-demand highlights. FloDance was launched in August 2018.



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