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Indoor Skydiving 2020 First Global Summit

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“Tunnel Vision of the Broadest Kind” and “Skyward! Together!” – the two slogans describe what this summit will be about. A global industry and a bona fide sport team up to improve on the status quo of indoor skydiving.

Indoor Skydiving 2020 | The First Global Summit brings the different stakeholders in indoor skydiving together for two days of deliberations on the nature, the current scope and the continued development of indoor skydiving. The general and breakout sessions, the podium discussions and the workshops aim to bring the air sport discipline to the next level as a bona fide air sports discipline.

In February 2020, some 200 summiteers will descend on the Bay of Roses | Land of the Sky | Home to the Wind in northeastern Catalonia, Spain. A most appropriate venue as there is hardly another location in the world quite as steeped in the modern history of competitive human flight: host to numerous FAI World Championships and World Cups in Skydiving since 1989, perennial host to The Wind Games in Indoor Skydiving since 2014.

The well-balanced program as well as the quality of the speakers and panelists will make the attendance beneficial for everyone. The goal is to have the summiteers draft and adopt the Indoor Skydiving 2020 Vision statement, establishing the parameters for collaboration between all stakeholders in indoor skydiving and its future development.