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DanceSport Total, the brand created by SAI on behalf of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF, had been the reference for top-quality streaming content since a YouTube channel was rolled out under that name in 2010/11. It instantly started to accrue a following. Not even eight years later and with some 10,000+ videos uploaded, the channel reached the historic benchmarks of 100,000 subscribers and of 100 million total views. Revenue through advertising were generated accordingly.

In 2014, the brand was expanded and a second platform was added to include a payment-based video-on-demand service. DanceSport Total Plus, too, became an instant success. With the commitment of providing viewers a high-quality product at an affordable and fair price, Plus offered comprehensive post-event coverage on the decisive stages of the premier WDSF events, generally GrandSlams and Championships, at rental rates between 2.95 and 3.75 US$ for a 6-month streaming period. Annual revenue in the five-digit range offset the production costs.

WDSF took the next step on 16 February 2018, when it rolled out its third and fully proprietary DanceSport Total streaming platform DST. The next day it inaugurated it with a LIVE stream of the 2018 European Standard from the Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen, DEN. To promote the new service, LIVE quality streams were made available at no charge to all those who registered for a period of six months. From August 2018, all DST content was offered on the basis of a monthly subscription through FloDance.


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