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30 Years of High Ambitions

Parachuting (skydiving) started its campaign to become an official medal sport at the Games of the Olympiad after it was fully recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1986. Only two years later, it was the mainstay of the Opening Ceremony of the XXIV Games of the Olympiad 1988 in Seoul, KOR, with an eight-minute exhibition.

Six years later, in the lead-up to the Barcelona 1992 Games, parachuting was featured again during the Olympic flame ceremonies held at the the ruins of Empúries, near L'Escala, ESP. Seven jumpers flying beneath their canopies in the colors of the Barcelona logo were the showstoppers on 13 June 1992.

30 Years after that, some of the same jumpers put in a repeat performance at the same location to remind everybody that, at least back then, the modern air sport was very seriously vying for a berth on the Olympic program.

Here is the full story on that exploit.


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