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32 Years On

With the help of friends I came across a rather unique piece of skydiving history. I knew it existed. Now I’ve watched it too. It is a 1989 episode of the High 5 television sports magazine. 32 years later the program has not lost any of its appeal and brings back fond memories.

The 18-minute program is part of the coverage that Dominique Christian Mollard, a skydiver and friend, had produced of the 1989 World Meet at Skydive Empuriabrava - The Land of The Sky on behalf of the IMG media branch TWI for different outlets such as Trans World Sport and High 5 magazine. Thanks to Gustavo Cabana and Jérôme Bunker for taking up on it 32 years later. Many familiar faces, indeed. The editing was definitely avant-garde for 1989.


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