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After The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, TPE, the International World Games Association, IWGA, undertook a thorough review of its official bid documentation for The World Games 2017 (TWG 2017). SAI provided the IWGA with the draft of “Bidding for TWG 2017,” a document which includes comprehensive information under altogether 18 different themes:

Games Vision and Concept, Local Organizing Committee, Local and National Support, Legal Aspects, Finance, Sports and Venues, Ceremonies, Accommodation and Catering, Transport, Security, Medical and Health Services, Anti-Doping, Media (Broadcast and Press), Communications and Promotion, Marketing, Technology, Risk Management and Insurance, Meteorology, Environment and Sustainability

All requirements that an applicant host city has to meet and fulfill are listed under their respective theme. They range from conceptual frameworks to formal commitments and contracts with, or guarantees from, third parties. Questionnaires for the 18 themes are the other mainstay of the document. The applicant host cities are requested to complete each questionnaire, providing clear and concise information to the extent that is appropriate for the first phase of the bid process. The determination of the bid project's initial feasibility is based on the review of the questionnaires.

The draft was unanimously approved by the IWGA Executive Committee. That TWG 2017 ended up an unqualified success could well be traced back to the new format of the bid documentation. TWG 2021 Birmingham, USA and 2025 Chengdu, CHN, were awarded on the same basis.


The Bid Book

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