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Fan Technology

As organizers of the recent summit on indoor skydiving, we had managed to bring together the leading manufacturers and engage them in a productive dialogue on tunnel technology. Now it is gratifying to see that this dialogue continues. Technical matters are being reported about with the relevance they deserve. In today's instalment: Frank Häusler and fan technology.

Frank Häusler, the CEO of EVG Group – an enterprise specializing in ventilation technology – did attend Indoor Skydiving 2020 as a summiteer. But had we known a little more about his background, he would have been one of the panelists on the two sessions that addressed technology.

It took an article written by Annette Lyn O'Neil and published by our media partner Indoor Skydiving Source to provide us with the big picture on EVG's involvement in the wind tunnel industry. As it turns out, the group has extensive project experience including fan systems for wind tunnel applications in indoor skydiving and Formula 1 test benches. In fact, EVG had already powered some of the best European tunnels for more than decade when, in 2017, it decided to partner wit Russian manufacturer Tunnel Tech.

Find out more about the importance of the fan in the operation of a tunnel through Annette's article. It is gratifying to see that even technical matters in this field are being reported about with the relevance they deserve.


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